Wendy Geeraert
Co-Founder and CEO

Millions of users are searching for listings each day. Do you know them? Do you know what triggers them? Do you know when they will convert?  

The award-winning customer data platform Co-libry has a proven track record in substantially increasing revenue and market share for real estate websites and portals. Personalize your real estate customer experiences, boost your conversion rate and grow your market share. One solution to analyze customer & listings data, personalize and optimize.  
Attract more users
Retain users
Grow email list
Boost conversion rate

With Co-libry you automate highly effective personalization interactions. An extensive set of solutions, make it easy to personalize experiences across your different touch points, such as your website, landing pages, emails, socials, chat.

Doing so, you unlock the full revenue potential by engaging customers across the customer journey.

Integrate our tools seamlessly within your current tech stack and business. And make sure you stay future proof.

• Long tail SEO landing pages
• Personalized pop-ups
• Listing recommendations
• Dynamic content
• Triggered emails
• Behavioral targeting
• Customer data management

Find out more at and don’t forget to book a demo. You will be shocked by the revenue you’re missing out on!