Rebeca Perez
CEO & Founder

Inviertis is a platform that simplifies real estate investment to allow the investor not to worry about the entire process and management and feel real estate investment as easy as if trading.

The platform is composed of a marketplace only for rented properties ready to invest that allows investors to make faster and more informed decisions, minimizing risk and increasing profitability. And then, comprehensive management software and a set of services and products allow the investor to leave his investment in our hands in semi-automatic management through artificial intelligence.

Inviertis is simplifying real estate investment to the point where investors can have all the necessary information for fast data-driven decisions in only three clicks instead of looking for empty homes and then finding tenants. To do this, we select properties through Ai technology and data with gross returns that exceed 4.5%, which are interesting due to their location or characteristics. We study the property and an Inviertis team certifies the state of the property so that the information on our marketplace is 100% accurate.