Josh Callaghan
Little Hinges

Josh has been transforming businesses using technology for the past 20 years including designing and launching the worlds first bank account with both variable and fixed interest, creating Australia's first straight-through online bank account opening process, building Australia's most used retail stockbroking CRM, building Australia's biggest online financial comparison site and launching the worlds first digital tenancy agreement executed as a smart contract on the blockchain. Josh is currently the co-founder and CEO of Little Hinges. While less than 3 years old, Little Hinges has built one of the world's largest 3D virtual tours businesses which was a necessary step in bringing their analytics and data platform to market. Ultimately, Little Hinges is a data business that is set to transform the way that property is searched, inspected, and transacted globally.TBC


The Richness of 3D Property Data and How it can Serve Marketplaces

This session is a deep dive into the data assets that are created and how portals can use that to provide hyper-personalized recommendations, more accurate automated valuations, and better search/matching engine tools.