Steve Cachia

With over 25 years of experience in the Real Estate Industry, 18 of those years have been in Proptech, managing a 100 office Real Estate Franchise Group's IT infrastructure and running his own real estate CRM company, which he has grown into more than 500 real estate offices throughout Australia.

As the owner of a CRM company for 16 years, he was involved in every aspect of the company.

As a result of the sale of his CRM client base in 2014, he started an agency that offers digital marketing services to real estate businesses, which include business consulting, lead generation, website development, and marketing for major development projects.

Currently, he is running a startup called listsocial. A seed investment has put listsocial on track to exceed revenue from last year, and new initiatives are due in 2023.


The Challenges of Lead Generation in an Era of Declining Attention Spans and High Marketing Costs

More and more real estate buyers and renters are using nontraditional channels to identify properties to rent or buy.  In addition, they are spending less time online to do it.

In this session, Steve Cachia from List Social discusses innovative lead generation approaches in an era of declining attention spans, diverse media consumption and increasing marketing costs.